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How to use The Rabbit Wringer - Model TRW001

How to handle, position, and slaughter a rabbit with this device

(Do not just put the rabbit in the device and pull toward the junction of the angle and the bar stock)

  1. Hold rabbit against your body with the rabbits head on your left side.
  2. Grasp both feet with your right hand, and put your thumb and index finger around the neck loosely.
  3. Gently insert the rabbit into the device until the bar and shelf are making contact with the rabbit (Not Tight). (Steps 4 thru 8 should be done in quick succession so the rabbit does not experience any pain or discomfort until the final moment)
  4. Position the rabbit’s head, and body at a 90 degree angle or perpendicular to the bar, not the shelf, with the chin of the rabbit resting on the shelf, and the bar at the the base of the skull.
  5. Elevate the rabbit slightly so that the rabbit’s body is almost level with the floor keeping the rabbit’s head, and body at a 90 degree angle to the bar.
  6. First envision the rabbit being stretched out about 2 to 4 inches
  7. With one quick jerking motion pull the rabbit’s feet up and back snapping the rabbits neck.

It is important to envision the stretch first, then when you pull, your only trying to accomplish a separation of the skull, and the first vertebra not a decapitation. When done right, the separation will occur at the axis of the skull and cervical spine.

Some people cut off the head with a knife while the rabbit is still in the device, while others hang the rabbit and then cut.

More on use

 The Rabbit Wringer is designed to last a lifetime. Whether it’s installed indoors or outdoors, you can be sure it will operate as effectively as the day you received it. It will work effectively on any rabbit from dwarf rabbits to the giant breeds. Although we have tested this device effectively on rabbits weighing over 10 pounds, we cannot recommend it to our customers, due to the fact that it requires more than average strength from the operator in order to give the rabbit a humane death. Recommended weights for rabbits dispatched with this device are between one and seven pounds. Please watch all the videos and ask any questions you may have before using this device for the first time. It’s always a good idea to have a back up plan in the event that something unexpected should happen. A good back up can be a heavy whacking stick. Every effort should be made to ensure a quick humane death for the animal, while keeping safety in mind for all humans in the area. This device was designed to be one of the fastest and most humane method for killing a rabbit, and we are proud that it has lived up to it’s expectations. Our own testing and feedback received from our customers tells us we have met the mark.

Care and cleaning (Refers to all our stainless steel products)

 May be cleaned with mild detergent such as dish soap or just hose off with water. You can also use stainless steel cleaner / polish. If the finish ever dulls over time, hand buffing with a synthetic wool finishing pad will restore the finish to it’s original beauty. Opening size may be adjusted to suit by slipping a pipe over the bar and adjusting as needed. The opening distance on every Rabbit Wringer is factory set (approximately 2 1/8” to 2 1/4” at the widest point before the outward curve: see picture below) to accept rabbits from about 1 to 7 lbs.

- Never use steel wool on your Wringer as the steel fibers will get caught in the pores of the stainless steel and rust -