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Rabbit Wringer

Manufactured by Father, Sal Pizzurro & Son, Max Pizzurro & our Boxer Rocky :)

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Sal Pizzurro and Son, Max (Owners)

  The Rabbit Wringer web site was launched in 2008 after Sal Pizzurro invented the Rabbit Wringer. The only humane tool for fast humane slaughtering of domestic meat rabbits, chickens, Young Turkeys and fowl employing the mechanical cervical dislocation method. The tool arose from the desire to humanely dispatch our own small Livestock. After processing a handful of rabbits using the “whack-it” aka “bop-it” method (basically smashing them in the head with a pipe or stick) we thought, “there has to be a better way”. We were aware of a method called “Chinning”, which is a method of manual cervical dislocation. It takes substantial hand and wrist strength and experience to get it right. This method is mediocre at best for very small fryers and simply impossible with larger rabbits so, we designed “The Rabbit Wringer”. It uses the same mechanics as “Chinning” but with the benefit of strength which solid stainless steel offers. Another benefit is that it allows the user to concentrate the pull using two hands on the animals legs. With the Rabbit wringer, small livestock may be humanely dispatched by one person. No more having to have two or three people present to do the deed.

Next Sal invented the “Rabbit Wringer Butchering Station TM”Very Popular!!!”.

Next came the Rabbit Zinger Stun Gun. (currently not available) A method for stunning and killing rabbits, guinea pig and more by way of Non-Penetrating Captive Bolt. “The Rabbit Zinger TM” is the only captive bolt stun gun on the market which uses basically, rubber bands. More specifically, high quality natural rubber tubing, instead of compressed air or black powder. Customers have reported thousands of rabbits dispatched using the original set of tubes that came with he gun. The “Zinger Stun Gun TM” is also the least expensive of all the stun guns on the market by at least $200. Least expensive stunner to buy, least expensive to operate. Machine washable (except for tubes and leather shock washers). If cross contamination is a concern, the Power Tubes may be soaked in isopropyl alcohol or simply wiped down with same. Designed for Meat rabbits, the standard bolt is perfect for ducks, and feeder guinea pigs as well as rabbits, and possibly even rats.

Manufacturing reliable, long lasting easy to use, humane products and providing excellent customer service is very important to us. We are committed to excellence, and ensuring that we have delivered a product that will perform as quickly, reliably, and as humanely as possible. Service after the sale is also very important to us. If you ever have any questions please, do not hesitate to ContactUs

We have satisfied customers across the US and around the world including Africa, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Haiti, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom and more..

Known methods for stunning and/or killing a meat rabbit are:

  • Twist And Crunch - Just like it sounds. Not recommended due to the low level of humaneness. Only seasoned processors should use this method and only limited to fryers.
  • Clubbing - Which is hitting the rabbit on top of the head with a heavy stick. This method is very bloody and messy. Not a pleasant sight, also most likely will bruise the neck and shoulder meat.
  • Karate chop to the back of the head - requires accuracy and strength. Only meant to stun. Immediate bleeding is required to dispatch.
  • Broomsticking - Put rabbit on the ground. Lay a stick across the rabbits neck with one foot on one end of the stick without applying pressure at this point. When you are ready, simultaneously pull on the rabbits rear legs while stepping on the other end of the stick. Pull to elongate the rabbit dislocating the neck at the cervical vertebrae. Not great if you have trouble touching your toes or are not able to balance yourself, or have bad coordination.
  • Shoot in the head - With pellet gun or firearm. Usually inefficient to use pellet gun requiring multiple shots, and it’s a bloody mess, then you can’t feed the head to your dog or cat because it has lead shot in it, what a waste. Firearms are dangerous. Bullets can ricochet, and can lead to physical injury or death to yourself and anyone in the vicinity. It’s not legal to shoot a firearm is residential and urban areas, and some rural areas too. It’s also wasteful and not cost effective in the long run
  • Rabbit Wringer (TRW001 - Commercial Cervical Dislocator ) - It is relatively safe to all humans while operating or near the Wringer when in use. Make sure you have safe distance behind you as it is possible to completely remove the head by mistake if you are not familiar with the device and how much strength is required. When done correctly, there is no blood until you severe the head, except in some cases, blood will drip out of the nose of the rabbit while hanging. No need to bend down and hurt your back, and no coordination issues. A proven, and reliable method whereby  the rabbit goes from alive to dead in a split second kill, with no chance for recovery. It is as quick and as painless as you can get. Killing any animal is an unpleasant thing to have to do. It has been said that this device provides just enough separation from the act of killing which makes the act at least bearable. You took great care of the rabbit while it was alive, don’t stop there! Every livestock animal deserves the most humane death possible, and that’s what you can give them, with The Rabbit Wringer. Can be used on poultry as well as rabbits.
  • Rabbit Zinger (TRZ001) - The Ultimate in fast and humane slaughter by way of captive bolt to the brain.

The bar or rod on The Rabbit Wringer simulates the thumb and the top surface of the Wringer simulates the fingers of your hand. After trying to kill a rabbit this way and possibly injuring or maiming, but not killing the rabbit, you’ll be glad you now own The rabbit Wringer or Rabbit Zinger.

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